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The Korebalance™ mobile comes with software pre-installed in a laptop computer. The unit features patent pending variable stability technology. A centrally pivoted balance platform operates with an air pressure bladder system. Bladder pressure is controlled by a handheld pump, providing variable stability. SportKAT software provides balance and vestibular assessment, creates training programs, stimulating the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability, coordination and posture.
Machine Specs •  Footprint: 23’’ diameter (58 cm)  •  Platform has 360° horizontal and 20°  vertical movement capacity  •  Machine weight: 22 lbs (10 kg) •  Patient weight capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg) •  Supplied with accelerometer, USB cable  and SportKAT software CD, laptop  computer •  Warranty: one year •  Made in the USA
Features Korebalance™ mobile includes: platform, hand pump, variable air pressure bladder system, analog pressure gauge, tilt sensor and laptop computer. Provided with SportKAT software to be used with laptop computer. Variable air pressure bladder system and a tilt sensor (solid-state accelerometer) underneath the platform to track movements 360° horizontal and 20° vertical. Non-stick pads on platform for added safety. Real time, visual biofeedback. Static and dynamic balance assessment. Five training mazes for extreme balance assessment. Objective documentation - printed color reports to track progress and document outcomes. Patient data storage - store over one million reports.
Nautilus ONE ® Four Way Neck Machine NAUTILUS ®  NECK  STRENGTHENING  PROTOCOL  •   Expert-endorsed  neck strengthening  protocol for reduction  of concussion  risk, included in  Nautilus ®  Concussion  Management Program. •   Used in conjunction  with SportKAT 650c  balance assessment  and rehabilitation  computerized  equipment.
  Balance Assessment: Pre-injury/
pre-season computerized balance assessment
to establish a balance baseline for static and
moving balance for each athlete in sports that
have a high risk of concussion, including but
not limited to the following:
Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Cheerleading, Soccer, Diving, Softball, Gymnastics, Pole Vaulting,  Field Hockey, Lacrosse
Pre-Participation Assessment:   Pre-season
test utilizing the brochure's included Cognitive
Test to establish a baseline for each athlete
participating in a high risk sport.   The test can
also be accessed via CONCUSSION navigation
tab on the www.nautiluscommercial.com
Previous Diagnosis of Concussion:   If the
athlete has previously been diagnosed with
a concussion, he/she must have written
confirmation of clearance to play from a
Strengthening Program: Utilizing the proven
neck and upper back strengthening routine
developed by Dr. Wayne Westcott.
Post-Incident Assessment: Performance of
the same balance and cognitive tests as pre-
season, with results being shared with the
clinical team. Subsequent re-tests to assist in
determining return to activity.
1.  Nautilus ® •   Pivoting handle  grips accommodate  different-sized users •   Independent  movement arms for  a balanced shoulder  workout
The  Nautilus®  Concussion  
Management  Pr ogram  was  
cr eated  to  work  in  conjuction  
with   the  Korebalance    mobile .
medical and PT offices, assisted living  facilities, recreation centers, health  and fitness clubs, universities and  professional sport teams.  It can also be  used in conjunction with the Nautilus®  Concussion Management Program. TM The Korebalance   mobile is designed
for  use  by  medical  centers  and  clinics,
ko re balance Click here to download Consussion Program
Balance Assessment and Rehabilitation