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Nautilus Nova - Warranty
•Warranty: 12 years- Frame/Welded Moving Parts/Weight Stacks, 3 years-Moving Parts, 1 year-Labor and 6 months on upholstery/pads/grips and tethered weight stack pins.
Nautilus Commercial NOVA
NEW! Now with patented EVO® weight stack! Maximize Your Investment!
Nautilus NOVA- Upper Body
S8BC Biceps Curl S8LR Lateral Raise S8PF Pec Fly
Nautilus NOVA - Core
S8AB Abdominal 
S8LB Low Back
S8BC-TP Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension
Nautilus NOVA- Lower Body
S8LC Leg Curl S8LE Leg Extension
Updated Sleek, Partially Enclosed Weight Shields Marine Grade, Contoured Upholstery  for Comfort & Durability Updated Exercise Placards for Ease of Use Proprietary Pin Design Limits Pilferage & Misuse Liability Enlarged Bottle Holder for Convenience
Nautilus NOVA- Standard Colors
Upholstery Colors
Frame Colors
S8LE-LC Leg Extension/ Leg Curl S8LATP Lat Pull S8CR Compound Row S8MCH Multi Chest S8TE Triceps Press S8OP Overhead Press S8AA  Abduction/ Adduction S8AB-LB Abdominal/Low Back S8LP-CF Leg Press/ Calf Press S8LT-CR Lat Pull/Compound Row
Nautilus NOVA- Duals
The Nautilus® NOVA line offers you the same commitment to biomechanical and mechanical excellence as the rest of the Nautilus® strength lines in a more affordable package. The compact design allows you to make the most of your facility’s available space.
Nautilus Nova® Catalog