Hip Abduction/Adduction S6AA     * Two biomechanically correct movements in        one machine, each with individual strength       curve     * Weight tower position provides user privacy       and easy accessibility     * Adjustable range of motion for customization       to individual user needs 800-831-7665 It's all about the Dial Ever turned a door knob? Then you already know how to use Nautilus One™...     * Select weight with the simple turn of the aluminum dial     * Turning the dial engages 'hook' mechanism to select desired weight     * The dial is based on the incredibly successful SelectTech        dumbbells — millions sold means consumers        (your members) know and value this product     * The dial is always within reach from seated position — no more        bending down, reaching behind or standing up        to adjust weight selection     * We showed this idea to gym-goers, and they told us putting the dial        on a selectorized machine makes it        easy-to-use, improves their training experience, and is just plain        "cool" Easy to Use. Simple Design. All units utilize a single weight tower design, always placed on the same side of the movement — line them up and create a clean, contemporary look     * Patent Pending weight Stack Technology — a rack of plates,       stacked side-by-side, are partially       visible   behind light, translucent shrouds     * Weight tower is only 47" high, creating an open, uncluttered look     * Fewer pulleys and belts than current weight stack technologies,       no guide rods and no weight stack pins     * The result is a smooth, plate-loaded workout feel from a       selectorized machine Pec Fly Shoulder Press Triceps Extension Triceps Press Mid Row Lateral Raise Leg Press Leg Curl Leg Extension Lower Back Lat Pulldown Chest Press Biceps Curl Abdominal Abduction/Adduction Back to One Home Page Upper Body Core Lower Body Four Way Neck Rotary Torso © Fitness Systems, LLC 2014