Rotary Torso S6RT 800-831-7665 It's all about the Dial Ever turned a door knob? Then you already know how to use Nautilus One™...     * Select weight with the simple turn of the aluminum dial     * Turning the dial engages 'hook' mechanism to select desired weight     * The dial is based on the incredibly successful SelectTech        dumbbells — millions sold means consumers        (your members) know and value this product     * The dial is always within reach from seated position — no more        bending down, reaching behind or standing up        to adjust weight selection     * We showed this idea to gym-goers, and they told us putting the dial        on a selectorized machine makes it        easy-to-use, improves their training experience, and is just plain        "cool" Easy to Use. Simple Design. All units utilize a single weight tower design, always placed on the same side of the movement — line them up and create a clean, contemporary look     * Patent Pending weight Stack Technology — a rack of plates,       stacked side-by-side, are partially       visible   behind light, translucent shrouds     * Weight tower is only 47" high, creating an open, uncluttered look     * Fewer pulleys and belts than current weight stack technologies,       no guide rods and no weight stack pins     * The result is a smooth, plate-loaded workout feel from a       selectorized machine Pec Fly Shoulder Press Triceps Extension Triceps Press Mid Row Lateral Raise Leg Press Leg Curl Leg Extension Lower Back Lat Pulldown Chest Press Biceps Curl Abdominal Abduction/Adduction Back to One Home Page Upper Body Core Lower Body Four Way Neck Rotary Torso   •The Rotary Torso new seat design includes an exerciser     stabilization system that isolates the obliques and     rotational musculature without being limited by hip     adductor strength.   Stress on the adductor muscles is     also reduced.     •Offers an amazing workout for the external and internal     obliques.    © Fitness Systems, LLC 2014