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Nautilus - Warranty
•Warranty: 12 years- Frame/Welded Moving Parts/Weight Stacks, 3 years-Moving Parts, 1 year-Labor and 6 months on upholstery/pads/grips and tethered weight stack pins.
Nautilus NS4000
All-Inclusive Four-Stack Commercial Weight Machine The Nautilus ®  four-stack commercial weight machine combines all the features and technology used in Nautilus’ ®  world- famous Nitro  Club Line into one all- inclusive strength system. It is perfect for hospitals, hotels, schools, apartment complexes or other places limited on space, but unwilling to compromise the fitness standards they’ve come to expect from Nautilus ®  products.
INCLINE PRESS, CHEST PRESS AND SHOULDER PRESS STATION The multi-press station offers a chest press, incline press and shoulder press, along with an independent dual-cable lat pulldown that maximizes muscle usage and increases comfort and safety. LEG EXTENSION/PRONE LEG CURL STATION A unique leg curl and leg extension station can be switched from one exercise to the next using one simple lever. To pack multiple exercises onto one station, manufacturers will often compromise the performance and fit of some of the movements. Not here! Nautilus ®  has designed the perfect lying leg curl with a seated leg extension, both with uncompromising biomechanics and feel.
PEC FLY/REAR DELT/LOW ROW  STATION A fully adjustable pec dec and rear deltoid station allows you to switch exercises using one simple pull knob. The dual handle, low pulley station provides complete freedom of movement for each arm. This user-defined movement better simulates the natural feel of using free weights, while giving you the safety and convenience of a selectorized machine. At a starting weight of only 5 lbs. and a max weight of 100 lbs. per handle, this station is not only perfect for beginners or rehabilitation environments, but also for the serious fitness professional. LEG PRESS/ ABDOMINAL STATION/CALF RAISE STATION A high-quality rubber foot plate provides a secure and durable platform on the leg press, while the 200 pound weight stack provides 400 lbs. of resistance. The uncompromising abdominal crunch is patterned after our commercial club models, ensuring a precise biomechanical fit for superior comfort and results.
WEIGHT STACKS: Four 200 lb. (91 kg) weight stacks with 40 inches (101 cm) of travel. 10 lb. (4.5 kg) increments. COLOR: Frame: Industrial Silver Shrouding: Graphite Upholstery: Charcoal Gray Dimensions: 124”L x 88”W x 84” H 315 L x 224 W x 214 H cm
OPTIONAL STROM: Start and Terminal Range of Motion