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Medical Fitness Solutions
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Medical Fitness Solutions provides products and programming to serve the clinical needs of caregivers across the entire rehabilitation spectrum.  In addition to traditional active rehabilitation modalities, we have designed programs to assist clinicians with fall screening, concussion management, orthopedic rehabilitation, bone health, pain control, circulatory challenges and mental decline. Our Total Solutions programming provides Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing the tools they need to combat some of the most physically and fiscally painful maladies of ageing.  Our programs include non-pharmacological solutions for:
Sarcopenia- with the provide Nautilus strength training program Osteoporosis- with the revolutionary bioDensity modality Balance Challenges- with the newly designed Korebalance program Circulation, pain and hormonal issues- with the versatile WBV Power Plate HC Mental decline- with the proven science of exercise engagement via the CyberCycle Interactive webinar demonstrations are available.
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