The KoreCognitive Software as a Service
provides the Korebalance cognitive testing
and training suite for clinicians and their

Useful Field of View
Cognitive Baseline
Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire 8
3 Cognitive Games

Cognitive Baseline Testing and Training & Crash Risk Assessment Software

KoreCognitive software provides a Useful Field of View pass/fail test, and cognitive baseline testing and training. The Useful Field of View test (UFOV) has been referenced as a promising predictor of driving outcome measures in the elderly.
Studies indicate that both touch screen and computer mouse input are viable.

Features 3 Cognitive Games

• Useful Field of View Testing and Training:
Includes three sub-tests, and a training suite to scale display time of target images.

• Cognitive Testing and Training:
Target Tap, Arithmetic, Alphabet Target Sequencing, Memory Card Concentration, Image, Shape and        Color Target Recognition

• Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire-8 – for convenient use in clinical settings

• Downloadable to any Windows 10 Operating System.

• Pay per License Use or a one time use fee

  • This software is compatible with any Windows 10 computer, and it is recommended to have a 17.3” wide computer monitor or larger. (Computer not provided)
  • Software only

Software only

Parkinson’s Disease Questionaire-8

Useful Field of View Test

Training programs have been developed and incorporated into our software to help improve cognition.