Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph Moore, MD

Dr. Joseph Moore graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1982 and started a Navy career that spanned over 30 years. While doing his family medicine residency at the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, CA, he realized the principles of Sports Medicine could more quickly return injured Marines back to full duty. The key principle was early access for injuries, similar to an urgent care model.

After his family medicine training, he completed a sports medicine fellowship and worked with the US Olympic Teams in Colorado Spring, was team physician at the World Youth Game in Moscow in 1995, and team doctor to the USA Women’s Ice Hockey team before the Nagano Games in 1998. He started the Navy’s Sports Medicine program at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton to train Navy Sports Medicine doctors.

The community has gone on to develop over 22 Navy sports medicine clinics both stateside and overseas. Dr. Moore is a clinical instructor at the UCSD School of Medicine and lectures at the American Academy of Family Physicians’ National Meeting.

Dr. Jerry Hizon, MD

Jerry W. Hizon, MD, is a practicing primary sports medicine physician and the medical director of Motion Medical Group in Temecula.

Dr. Hizon attended Loyola Marymount University where he majored in biology. He attended the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and then was Chief Resident in Family Medicine at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center. Dr. Hizon obtained his certificate of added qualification in sports medicine through UC San Diego.

Besides private practice, Dr. Hizon had served as medical team physician for the San Diego Chargers for 14 years and was chosen to be a sideline physician for the 2003 Super Bowl between Tampa Bay and the “Evil” Oakland Raiders. In 2010, Dr. Hizon was chosen to be a medical team physician for the NFL Pro Bowl in Miami. He was awarded the “Sports Medicine Champion” award in 2009 as the top sports medicine provider of the year by the San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation.

In 2015, he was the Distinguished Citizen of the Year for Temecula and Faculty of the Year at the new U.C. Riverside School of Medicine.

Dr. Hizon is currently a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Sports Medicine, California Medical Association, and assistant clinical professor at the UC Riverside School of Medicine, Dr. Hizon is the medical advisor for the Temecula Physician Leaders Program as well as serving on the Board of Governors for the new Temecula Valley Hospital and core faculty for their Family Medicine Residency Program with an emphasis on lifestyle medicine and MSK Point of Care Ultrasound. He has joined the Lion’s Club International to spearhead their Type II Diabetes Program.

Dr. Franne Berez, MD, ND

Dr. Berez developed a passion for holistic and organic living very early in life. She spent most of her childhood gardening, cooking, and learning at the side of her vegetarian mother and grandmothers – creating recipes and meals from scratch.

As she aged, she developed challenges of her own. She went to doctor after doctor to find different opinions, but never a solution. She began to explore different ways to restore her balance. Dr. Berez read the health-related magazines and soon healed herself through homeopathy, diet and nutrition.

As a teen, she was very influenced by the Prevention and Organic Gardening magazines of the 60s. Organic farming goes beyond merely trying to sustain our broken conventional systems. Over time, it can actually renew, restore, and regenerate the health of our impoverished soil and positively impact the health of our entire ecosystem. Dr. Berez feels the same way about caring for ourselves. She sees the parallels in caring for ourselves in organic ways to restore balance and return to health.

Dr. Berez feels the only way to change the future is through a whole family approach to healthcare. Through treating several generations of families over the years, she has seen how good preventative and non-suppressive medical care can create a stronger individual over a lifetime.

She treats everyone, from newborns and young adults to thirty-somethings and seniors. Dr. Berez is hopeful that helping one person in a family will help their whole family, their friends, their community, and ultimately the world.

Jason M. Conviser, Ph.D., MBA, FACSM

Dr. Jason Conviser is a leading expert in metabolic assessment and exercise prescription for special needs populations.

Dr. Conviser is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a fellow of the Medical Fitness Association. He is also one of the leading experts in fitness assessment and exercise prescription for special needs populations. Dr. Conviser is best known for his work with patients dealing with metabolic syndrome, obesity, and providing exercise strategies for those who “given up.”

He is the author of eight books and invited speaker to 38 international conferences. He was a past consultant and exercise physiologist to the Duchess of York, Sarah Fergusson.

One of Dr. Conviser’s research interests includes non-pharmacological strategies to reverse osteoporosis through osteogenic loading. Dr. Conviser has conducted research and provided expertise to other researchers with a new technology called bioDensity which involves imposing specific force on the bone safely resulting in bone reformation.

William Atkins, DPT, CSCS

William Atkins received his bachelor’s of science in physical therapy in 1981 from California State University Long Beach. Atkins was born and raised in Fallbrook and has served the community for over 30 years. Atkins began his career at Fallbrook Hospital in 1981. He then started his own practice in the Temecula area in 1984 and returned to Fallbrook in 1989 where he continued to treat patients in an outpatient setting.

An Orthopedic Certified Specialist since 1996, Atkins has focused on treating musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and served as the strength coach for Fallbrook High School from 2005 to 2010. Atkins has enjoyed covering Fallbrook High School football games since 1981.

Atkins has focused on back pain, shoulder pain, knee disorders and has recently become involved in balance and fall prevention. He is passionate about the field of physical therapy and its role in a healthy lifestyle of movement and function.

Hermes Castro, MSRC

Hermes Castro earned his Bachelor of Arts in Human Development in 2021 from Cal State University San Marcos. He earned a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2024 from San Diego State University. Castro was born in Michoacán, Mexico, and raised in Fallbrook, CA. As an immigrant, he has dedicated his career to supporting individuals with disabilities and helping them achieve independence within the community.

Castro was injured on September 1, 2006, which introduced him to the world of disability and profoundly shaped his professional path. He began his career as a Summer Camp Counselor with the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation in 2008. Over the years, he has held various positions highlighting his commitment to disability advocacy and support.

In his role as Transition & Diversion Coordinator at Access to Independence from 2019 to 2021, Castro assisted individuals transitioning from hospitals and rehab facilities back into the community. He currently serves as the San Diego Program Manager for Access to Independence, managing two branches and overseeing programs that promote the full participation of people with disabilities.

An advocate for disability awareness, Castro has extensive knowledge of adaptive sports and firsthand experience living with a physical disability. He is fluent in both Spanish and English, enhancing his ability to communicate with diverse communities. He has been a public speaker promoting disability awareness at institutions such as Sharp Hospital, San Diego Mesa College, and CNN en Español.

Castro’s professional affiliations include membership in the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA) and the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA). His achievements include being part of the 2023 Division 1 Champion wheelchair basketball team, the Golden State Road Warriors. His journey from overcoming personal physical challenges to supporting others in achieving their independence underscores his dedication and passion for rehabilitation counseling.

Ken Roycroft

For over 30 years, Ken Roycroft has dedicated his life to researching the science of human peak performance at an elite level with a desire to understand how to maximize our potential in the areas of optimal health, employee wellness, athletic performance, and the science of regenerative nutrition.

As an early adopter in this burgeoning field, Ken became obsessed with understanding how the right combination of nutrients combined with proper mindset may improve mental focus, accelerate healing, and recuperation from sport, injury, or surgery as well as even slow down the overall aging process.

To date, he has educated business leaders, corporations, physicians, professional sports teams, and members of the elite US military which has resulted in him serving individuals, groups, and corporations from literally around the globe.

Over the last decade, Ken brought his expertise to the field of medicine by identifying a niche involving the need for nutritional optimization to enhance patient outcomes from orthopedic surgery and trauma.

In 2015, Ken developed a product designed to address a medical condition known as sarcopenia which was purchased and brought to market in conjunction with a company called MEND. That product went on to receive the prestigious 2016 Anti-Aging Product of the Year award at an international nutraceutical and consumer goods conference.

Bill Donohue

Bill started his career in the world’s largest health, fitness, and gun club in the world, the United States Marine Corps. As a commissioned officer, Bill worked at a variety of command and staff levels, maintaining a high state of fitness for 20 years. Upon retirement, Bill joined the world of commercial fitness as a director at 24 Hour Fitness. After three years, Bill was promoted to the position of chief information officer.

As a member of the senior team, Bill stayed on after the sale from one P.E firm to Forstmann-Little for another four years. Deciding to strike out on his own, Bill worked as an independent consultant for brands like Bally Total Fitness, Kool Smiles ABC Financial when he started consulting for MINDBODY, a yoga, health club, and fitness studio management software company.

Bill worked at MINDBODY for five years, in a variety of roles to include chief information officer helping them enter the public market. In 2013, Bill joined Rock my World Inc as a foundational advisor and ultimately joined their board of directors. During a period of change, Bill was asked to assume the role of chief information officer at Rock My World in January of 2020. Bill has served on numerous boards to include BizWat and nonprofits including Family Care Network Inc.

Bill is committed to fitness and is particularly interested in rehabilitative fitness programs, as he is a 100% disabled veteran. Bill sees LifeSpan as the perfect mix of fitness and the science of aging and rehabilitation and is proud to have joined the Advisory Board.