Nautilus Instinct

Nautilus Instinct

When it comes to a complete workout, it’s all business. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner, everyone wants the ability to get a quick, easy and complete workout. And that’s exactly what Instinct® Strength is all about. Each piece welcomes users of all levels with quick and easy adjustments for efficient workouts. Perfectly suited to be a basic strength line or circuit system, Instinct effectively complements more specialized lines. Users can complete a circuit on their own or with the assistance of an instructor in just 30 minutes. Instinct® Strength offers both single and dual function units to meet the needs of any space or facility. Instinct also offers the revolutionary Lock N Load®patented weight selection system. The versatility of Instinct’s small footprint also lets you get the most from minimal space, while blending seamlessly with our cardio line for a cohesive facility look.

Upper Body

Chest Press S2100

Dual Multi Press D2120

Shoulder Press S4100

Pectoral Fly Rear Deltoid D2110

Lat Pull Down Vertical Row D3340

Lat Pull Down S3310

Vertical Row S3320

Biceps Curl S5100

Triceps Extension S5110

Dual Biceps Curl Triceps Extension D5120


Rotary Torso S6300

Dual Abdominal Lower Back D6330

Lower Body

Dual Leg Press Calf Raise D1013

Leg Extension S1010

Seated Leg Curl S1011

Dual Inner Outer Thigh D1015

Dual Leg Extension Leg Curl D1014

Glute Press S1012

Frame Colors

Matte Black

Upholstery Colors

Gray Upholstery


12 years- Frame/Welded Moving Parts/Weight Stacks, 3 years-Moving Parts, 1 year-Labor and 6 months on upholstery/pads/grips and tethered weight stack pins.