Many studies have shown that this type of boxing training can slow the progression of Parkinsons disease – with the added logical benefit of increased acuity based upon the engagement aspect of the program and correlaion to prooliferation of Brain Derived Neutotrophic Factors (BDNF).

  • The Boxmaster’s quantitative numerical pad system facilitates reproducible and random physical and cognitive challenges with 12 distinct targets.
  • The Boxmaster’s ergonomically designed targets absorb force axially, protecting wrists, shoulders and elbows.
  • The Boxmaster is safer- for both the participant and the pad holder as the targets are positioned properly for every strike minimizing possibility of hyper-extension and pad holder shoulder injury.
  • The Boxmaster is less labor intensive- one leader can supervise multiple participants.
  • The Boxmaster is fun! Multiple target combination and challenges are motivational and enhance compliance.
  • The Boxmaster program works- proven programming provides maximum benefit.
  • The Boxmaster program can be quantified- by combining baseline balance and cognition testing and re-testing and training on the Korebalance modality.

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