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Thanks for visiting Medical Fitness Solutions!

Our focus is, and has been since our inception developing and researching products safe and appropriate for rehabilitation and senior care utilization.

To wit, the best strength equipment for rehab may cost a bit more, but 1 pound increments, range limits, ingress/egress grab bars and accommodations, zero maintenance, proven biomechanical superiority, etc. may cost more than less expensive options, but amortized over the average 15 year life of these devices it is miniscule- and with a better resale value at the end of life it is about a push.

With cardio safety is key. For example, we offer treadmills with slow start speeds, safety rails, emergency stop lanyards, bariatric capability, low step up heights, wide decks, large displays, and preferably AC drive systems- which last longer and run cooler.

One of the hardest things for a treadmill to do is run slow, with a heavy individual, with an asymmetrical gait…and we make sure the models we recommend can perform.

With upper body ergometers, bikes and ellipticals ingress, egress, adjustability, low wattage start and increment setting, METs and Watts readings, and large displays are critical.

In the balance and training arena we have the most price and feature options, the only 3D games, and new upgrades to our software that make screenings and progress reporting easier and more accurate for your therapists.

We make sure the products we offer accommodate these demands- with features and benefits relative to our selections summarized in our product selection matrix (call us for your copy).

Our Total Solutions program offers proven non pharmacological solutions to address the comorbidities of ageing including sarcopenia, osteoporosis, balance disorders, circulatory and pain issues, and mental decline.

Please take advantage of our 30+ years of experience in serving the rehab community- we do this full time for a living and believe we can help you find the right price/performance solutions!

We appreciate your consideration!

Dean Sbragia