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Nautilus One Leg Extension S6LE Male Model Lifestyle Image

Nautilus ONE®:

Dial “ONE®” for Unprecedented Results
Introducing the Nautilus ONE® line, the next generation of single-station strength.

Nautilus ONE® equipment combines a revolutionary new weight stack technology with the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial.

Nautilus Instinct Triceps Extension 9NL-S5110 Female Model Lifestyle Image

Nautilus Instinct®:


When it comes to a complete workout, it’s all business. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner, everyone wants the ability to get a quick, easy and complete workout. And that’s exactly what Instinct® Strength is all about. Each piece welcomes users of all levels with quick and easy adjustments for efficient workouts. Perfectly suited to be a basic strength line or circuit system, Instinct effectively complements more specialized lines.

Nautilus Inspiration Bicep Curl Male Model Lifestyle Image

Nautilus Inspiration®:


The Nautilus Inspiration Strength® line delivers a series of must have updates to an outstanding strength circuit. Redesigned with beautiful, modern aesthetics and uniform towers, Nautilus Inspiration makes a powerful first impression. Each machine captures the essence of natural human movement.

Nautilus PlateLoaded SmithMachine NPL8500 Lifestyle Image

Nautilus® Plate Loaded:

Working out with plates is one of the most effective ways to train, which is why plate loaded machines are a staple for facilities. Whether you are looking to build a full strength circuit or round out your offering with specific pieces, Nautilus Plate Loaded offers the best machines for plate workouts. Each machine is built strong enough to stand up to full commercial use and is designed to make plate workouts as effective, rewarding and safe as possible.


Free Weights:

Designed for Performance, Ease of Use and Aesthetics Introducing our new commercial free weight line, a study in perfection.

Our strength training experts, industry consultants and fitness facility managers drew-up their dream designs. Nautilus® engineers made those dreams a reality. A few big changes and a lot of subtle ones resulted in the easiest to use, highest performing line of commercial free weights we’ve ever developed.

Nautilus FreedomTrainer Male Model 4 Lifestyle Image

Functional Training, Freedomtrainers, & Multi-Stations